Aurora Costume

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Aurora also known as sleeping beauty is one of Disney’s favorite princesses. She was cursed by the evil witch as a young girl. The curse was for her to die at the pinch of a spindle. Luckily, her fairy god mothers helped to ease the curse by allowing her to awaken when she received her first kiss. The Aurora Costume consists of an off the shoulder pink gown and tiara. Choose from our selection of Aurora Costumes and you can be next to awakened by your prince charming. Pick from the variety of styles available for infant, toddler, children and adults. Your prince is just one step away, don’t miss out on the opportunity to be swept away!

Aurora better known as Sleeping Beauty is a story of a beautiful girl who is a elegant princess originally based on a French version of a story tale by Charles Perrualt written in 1634. Aurora much like Snow White, Ariel, and Rapunzel is placed under a spell by a wicked character known as Maleficent who is the self-proclaimed “Mistress of all Evil”. Pretty creepy, huh? Even her name is derived from the Latin word maleficentia, which means the doing of evil or harm. Much like Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine they all have a wonderful prince who helps them unlike Mulan and Belle who are pretty courageous in protecting those they love and fighting for them! I guess now the question lies, what is your favorite part about Aurora her beautiful pink Sleeping Beauty Dress and long blonde hair or the fact that sometimes you would like a blue dress like Cinderella. The story ends in the fight against Maleficent and the wonderful kiss shared between Sleeping Beauty and the handsome Prince Phillip where she awakens and then they dance beautifully after all of the craziness! What a way to end a story in victory with a beautiful happily ever after! Now you may be asking yourself when you’re in your Halloween Costume, will my prince ever come? You betcha he will, and he may be right under your nose! He may already be a close friend! Ever heard that saying when you’re not looking it comes, well that’s as true as can be!