Alice Costume

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The adventures of a little girl child called Alice who falls down a rabbit hole to a mysterious land full of illusions and unusual characters pulls at the heart of children in more ways than one. The timeless appeal of this book has been the source of more than 20 movies, the earliest of which rolled out as far back as 1903. Last year Disney magic was been added to it and caused enthusiastic resurgence as it returned to the big screens. With hype surrounding this film, child will want to be seen in one of the costumes for any costume event that would be held this year especially for Halloween. The traditional Alice Costume consists of a light-blue dress with a wide flared skirt, a white pinafore on top of the white dress, a black hair bow, and black Mary Jane shoes. Tim Burtons version of the Alice Costume is light blue dress has with black printed details along the hem line, black buttons up the bodice, puff lace sleeves and a sheer neckline with lace and ribbon trim. The wonderland disney costume also comes with black and light blue striped fingerless gloves. Lets rediscover adventure though the most creative Alice in Wonderland costume ever.