Tinkerbell Costume

Tinkerbell Costume - Salient Disney Peter Pan Tinkerbell Neverland Fairy Costumes, Tinkerbell tiara, shoes, wands for kids & adults.

Classic Disney Fairy Princess Tinkerbell Costume for Kids & Adults. For children the word Tinkerbell brings up an image of an enchanting Disney character that is both magical and mischievous. Walt Disney once described Tinkerbell as a fairy who fixes pots, uses a tinkling bell to communicate and is understood very well by those who know fairy language. The name conjures up an image of a lovable fairy leaving behind a trail of fairy dust wherever she goes. Extraordinarily the popularity of Tinkerbell has been so pervasive that even Halloween has been made less morbid by the presence of Tinkerbell Costume. The fancy dress house parties too are making a come back and there is no better way to spice them up than by having a costume flavor. The variety of beautiful Tinkerbell Costume means that though more than one female might want to be a fairy for the night, no two fairies will look similar. Take a look at the range of Tinkerbell Costume that are available for you!