Villain Costume

Villain Costume - Disney villain costume for kids & adults featuring captain hook, cruella de vil, maleficent, snow whites evil queen, queen of hearts, and ursula.

For every great adventurer, there is a great villain, for a hero cannot rescue a fair maiden if she is not captured, cannot reverse a wicked spell if there is no wicked witch and cannot save a kingdom that is not in peril. Indeed, the character who truly drives every tale forward is the antagonist; therefore, the life of every costume party must also be the villain. Cast down the roles of cute princesses and men in tights and wear a villain costume that projects your intentions while the night is dark and the moon is high. Antagonize your friends with a vengeful cackle, the putrid sea green face, the traditional pointy nose with a well placed wart and surf the ravaging winds of tornadoes on a broom in a Wicked Witch of the West Costume. The proprietor of a villain costume may despise fancy dresses and slither along on black tentacles, letting her ghostly white heir drift among the currents in an Ursula Costume. Of course, no villain can better counter a flying child in green tights than the dignified character of Captain Hook, sporting his red coat, majestic hat, deadly sword and his signature replacement for a hand. Whichever villain portrays you best is a villain costume that we can provide. Let us help you turn the bland costume party of do-gooders into a wild night mischief and terror.